World Emoji Day is July 17th

World Emoji Day is July 17th

Over the last three years July 17th has taken on a special meaning in the social media world as it has been declared Emoji Day around the world. Here at EventCurious we love celebrating the emoji, and why not? We’re a digital marketing company driven by social media, and the emoji is central to allowing people to fully express themselves when using social media (or when using text messages or any other form of electronic media). Emoji(s) are a great way to help express one’s self while using social media as the simplified pictures can describe the feelings the person has, or the various activities that they’re participating in. The emoji offers a visual, fun and colorful aspect to digital communication that wasn’t available to users at one time.

Emoji Day began on July 17th, 2014, and is predominately celebrated online. In the inaugural year of World Emoji Day, NBC reported that it was Twitter’s top trending item for the day. Celebrating World Emoji Day was the idea of London-based founder Jeremy Berge who selected the day of July 17th because when you select the calendar emoji on the iPhone the date that is circled is July 17th. Of course, it only seemed fitting that this date would be selected as the day the emoji would be celebrated on!

To celebrate World Emoji Day in 2015 soft drink giant  Pepsi launched a brand new campaign around emojis with a Pepsimoji ‘The Language of Now’ board that was shared on various product cans and bottles. On World Emoji Day 2016, the same Pepsimoji board was released in over 100 different countries to people in a variety of markets.

Also In 2016, American actor T.J. Miller announced that he was proud to be the first member cast in the The Emoji Movie. This film is finally scheduled for release nationwide in theaters on July 28, 2017.

At the same time in 2016 Google released the most diverse set of emoji figures yet including more women and minorities of people from all backgrounds and walks of life to celebrate the special day. The entire series of the new emoji symbols were released on World Emoji Day on July 17th, 2016.

If you’re looking for a fun way to celebrate World Emoji Day then click onto the app and start an #EmojiParty. Pick your favorite emojis and watch them dance across your screen in mesmerizing form. Be sure to share your creation with others across your social media platforms!

Anyone who uses an emoji in any sort of way understands how they can express themselves on the internet, social media or in text messages by using it. We find that people especially love using emojis to express themselves on social sites like Twitter and Facebook. Other people use them while texting someone to express how they feel. As the emoji continues to grow in popularity, we’re believers that it at least deserves a whole day to be celebrated and that is July 17th!

For more information on the emoji or any other social media and marketing topic that you might need help with feel free to contact us at EventCurious…we’re here to help 😊