Our Must-Attend List for The Special Event 2018 Education Sessions

Our Must-Attend List for The Special Event 2018 Education Sessions

We’ve put together our must-see education session line up for The Special Event Conference and Tradeshow next week in New Orleans!

If you’re attending TSE 2018, with 5,000+ other event professionals, consider attending the below sessions being given by some of our dearest friends, who also happen to be some of the top professionals in the special events industry!

List in order by day/time of session:

Tuesday, January 30th (8:00 am)
8 Social Media Campaigns Event Pros Should Be Running
Room: 228, Session Number: SM01
Do you feel like you don’t have enough impactful content to share with potential clients and your social media followers? What you are missing is social media strategy and campaigns to help you reach your goals. This session is designed to hand you 8 powerful strategies you can customize and use all year in order to connect with new prospects, reward and retain your best clients, and attract and keep your team members. This isn’t a high-level social media presentation about best practices, these are tactical proven campaigns for event companies you can start using today. This session will be given by Nick BorelliClick here for more info.

Tuesday, January 30th (9:45 am)
C-Level Millennial Unsession
Room: 211 : Session Number: CL01
In a first of it’s kind, this will be a confidential, no holds barred, open brain date for millennial business owners and the future leaders of the live event industry to share and discuss all of the current issues affecting the young leaders of our industry. This session will be led by Aaron KaufmanClick here for more info.

Tuesday, January 30th (11:30 am)
CONTENT IS KING: Developing Content & A Style Guide That’s True To Your Event Company
Room: 209, Session Number: SM05
Nearly two decades ago, Bill Gates declared ‘CONTENT IS KING!’ In 2017, many of his observations surrounding content for digital and social media marketing are still right on point. Today’s customer looking for your event service or product consumes content daily via multiple avenues: organic search, social media, blogs and referred links. With content coming in all shapes and sizes, how do you harness its power to tell your specific story and fill your sales pipeline? Join Kelly Treadway, Owner and Lead Strategist for EventCurious, as she deep dives into the content creation process and what’s right for you. Learn about various styles for brand messaging, as well as a step by step process for creating a content style guide. Personality, brand values and many other factors all come into play for producing better content. Attend this session and learn how to give your digital marketing more weight and relevance – ‘crown’ content the leader in your company’s digital marketing strategy! Click here for more info.

Tuesday, January 30th (2:00 pm)
Design Your Event The Comic-Con Way
Room: 209, Session Number: SM07
When it comes to building a true community within their events, nobody does it better than comic cons, anime cons, and fandom cons. These events see 10s of 1000s of attendees and grow every year because they’ve tapped into a very important fact – people attend events to connect with fellow “fans.” Learn how to bring the excitement of fandom and community to your next event from organizers of some of the biggest fan cons in the world. This session will be given by Nick BorelliClick here for more info.

Tuesday, January 30th (3:45 pm)
Ten Years and Ten Lessons – Navigating Your First TSE Experience
Room: 211, Session Number: B12
Since first attending TSE, these seasoned event industry veterans have participated in every single aspect of The Special Event Tradeshow and Conference. This presentation will give first time attendees an overview of the events, personalities and conversations they’ll experience in New Orleans that will impact their ROI. For those who have been to the show in the past, we will highlight the activities and ideas shared over the years, and provide a refresher on what – at times – can be an overwhelming experience. Whether you are new to the industry or have decades of award winning work on your resume, TSE offers something for everyone. Let us guide you with our experience, and set you on a course for a rewarding future. This session will be moderated by Aubri Nowowiejski, with panelist Kate Patay, Rick Turner and Kevin DanaClick here for more info.

Wednesday, January 31st (11:30 am)
David Merrell & Susie Perelman’s Event Design Trends and Forecast 2018
Room: 228, Session Number: D05
Go behind the scenes as David Merrell and Susie Perelman share captivating insights in live event production and innovations of special event design that transform events. As creative director/CEO of AOO Events, Merrell and Perelman CEO of Party Mosiac have their finger on the pulse of what’s happening and trending in social and corporate events, including event design, f&b, lighting, technology, and more. Their information comes from many sources and they bring it all to you in this fast- paced, informative and entertaining session. Merrell and Perelman also does research months in advance to highlight new products and exhibitors on the TSE convention floor. In his seminar, he strategically shares his ideas on how these products can be used in cutting-edge event design. A must see before walking the floor! Find out what needs to be in your imagination, to be ready for 2018 and beyond. Click here for more info.

Wednesday, January 31st (1:00 pm)
Digital Conversations Dissected
Room: 224, Session Number: SM09
It would be so much easier if they would just pick up the phone and call you, wouldn’t it? But these days that’s not happening very much. Do you know why? Does it really matter why? You’ve always had to adapt to how your prospect’s preferences, not the other way around. In this session Alan will walk you through the ins and outs of communicating with today’s prospects. This session will be given by Alan BergClick here for more info.

Wednesday, January 31st (2:45 pm)
Marketing All-Stars: Part V: What’s Up Next- Social Media & Event Tech Survival
Room: 231, Session Number: SM11
Back for it’s fifth year, Marketing All-Stars: talks about the evolving digital marketing landscape and how event professionals can stay on top of all the latest tactics in social media and digital marketing. The session brings together a panel of event industry marketing experts from all over in an intimate roundtable speed networking style where attendees get one-on-one time to ask pressing questions & get real answers on best approaches on each of the social networks and new marketing technologies. Collaborate with 8 event marketing/ event industry experts in this interactive session in which our experts will take a seat beside you to answer your questions and provide their insight into the specific social media tools, the best event tech and tactics. From new updates and innovations on Facebook and Instagram to what’s the best way to conquer and engage on social Snapchat, to what the best social media management tools are to work with, to different event technology platforms. This session will be given by Michelle Bergstein, Deb Roth, Kelly Treadway, Nick Borelli, Rhonda Couchigian, Jose Ramirez and Laura LopezClick here for  more info.

Wednesday, January 31st (4:30 pm)
Sales Simplified: Overcoming The 5 Objections
Room: 220, Session Number: SM12
There are only 5 reasons why a prospective client chooses not to purchase your product or service. Every single time you hear the word “No”, it’s because of one of these reasons. Learn how to overcome these objections and close the deal. This session will be given by Kevin MolesworthClick here for more info.Thursday, February 1st (4:30 pm)
Make It Up, Make It Happen: Permits, Promises and Permission
Room: 206, Session Number: EM14
This fast-paced presentation will shed light on the unique logistical challenges we all face in the events industry, and how seasoned corporate and social planners have executed creative solutions to get the job done. From shutting down some of the nation’s busiest boulevards, to pyrotechnics launched off an iconic skyscraper, these clever and imaginative personalities have done it all. Join us as they share the narratives and anecdotes that led to their award-winning work and the rules they bent – and sometimes broke – to make their clients vision a reality. Participants will see examples of the before and after of each event, and learn about the challenges and opportunities that presented themselves in each unique situation. The panelists will answer audience questions and provide inspired alternatives for the distinctive occasions they are working on. From the new event professional, to the most seasoned planner, this workshop has new approaches and creative solutions for everyone! This session will be moderated by Rick Turner, with panelist Clint UpchurchClick here for more info.