Instagram’s Best Nine for 2017: Making Of A Great Platform

Instagram’s Best Nine for 2017: Making Of A Great Platform

It’s the time of year when Instagrammers began reminiscing as they use a website called 2017 Best Nine to generate grids of their most popular Instagram posts of the year. We love this tradition of looking back on the highlights of the year, and if Instagram created their ‘Best Nine’ we think it would be pretty impressive. In 2017 their continual development proved that they are in the social media game to stay. We’re counting down Nine favorite Instagram innovations that we think would make their 2017 photo grid!

#9.  Stories updates, like the Superzoom feature, have given users ways to make their daily photo-video montages even more interesting.

#8.  IG also allowed Stories users (all 500 million of them!) to use older content, expanding the range from their most current photos to past experiences as well.

#7.  Shopify and Instagram have started working much more closely, making it more possible than ever to buy what you see in your favorite Instagram channels.

#6.  There was much rejoicing when Instagram’s Graph API was updated in July, expanding statistics, comment moderation, and other essential tools for influencers, brands, and businesses of all kinds.

#5.  Live Videos on Instagram Stories radically expand the way that the site can be used, adding personality and spontaneity to the many other ways that people use the sites. This is especially useful for brands trying to use Instagram as part of an integrated social media strategy.

#4.  It’s been around since February, but the multi-photo post slideshow is a great option for closely-related photos that looks much better than a rash of similar posts in a row.

#3.  As Instagram continually innovates, tools like Instagram Polls allowed more viewers to engage with their favorite influencers, making the platform more interactive.

#2.  The new Paid Partnership Tool increased viewer confidence in Instagram by making sponsored posts more transparent, which ultimately kept Instagram connected to its audience while making the platform current and useful to brands.

#1.  In the ongoing competition with other social media, Face Filters put Instagram on par with other popular photo sites and applications.

It has been a banner year for Instagram, and we cannot wait to see what will make their 2018 Best Nine! To learn more about social media strategy, including mobilizing Instagram for your company, contact us!