πŸŽ‰, It’s 🌎 Emoji Day πŸ˜„!

πŸŽ‰, It’s 🌎 Emoji Day πŸ˜„!

Today marks the best and most emote-tional holiday of the year for digital marketers and social media managers: World Emoji Day. Since 2016, the marketing world has embraced emoji at an amazing rate; emoji usage in marketing messages has increased at an annual growth rate of over 775 percent. Further than that, 76 percent of Americans said they have used emoji at work either to further communicate a message or to lighten up a conversation.

First released six years ago by Apple iOS 5, emoji are a sort of ubiquitous digital language used in many online conversations. In fact, it’s probably safe to say that the use of emoji has changed the way we speak and interact with one another.

To celebrate this trendy and revolutionary “language,” Apple has announced yet another release of new emoji characters to its platforms. These new emoji are aimed to better represent what consumers want from their icons: representation and entertainment. There will be emoji for bald people, new smiley faces that express sadness and excitement, and even a kangaroo.

This release is based around common requests for emoji from users all around the world. Emojipedia, an emoji search engine and the founder of World Emoji Day, created a list of its 40-most requested emoji in 2017 and found that many of these requests have been approved and are awaiting release. These emoji include an Italian “Kissy Chef Face,” a kangaroo (whoever you areβ€”you’re getting this one!), and a bagel.

As for the most widely used emoji, the “Face with Tears of Joy” continues to reign supreme; for the fourth year in a row, this emoji takes the cake as the most used emoji on social media platforms. According to Facebook, 60 billion emoji are sent on Facebook every day, with 5 billion emoji sent daily on Facebook Messenger alone.

Whether you celebrate this holiday by sending (or creating) your own emoji, sending out a marketing email chalked full of Heart Eyes and Party Hats or watching The Emoji Movie, World Emoji Day is an event worth celebrating.

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Photography credit: Lidya Nada / Unsplash